Are you trapped in a dieting mindset + and stressed out about your food and weight constantly?

You've spent years obsessing over what you eat and how you look, but you just can't relax around food or trust your appetite.

You know there's a better way to eat and + live your life.

You want to feel and look amazing, heal and nourish your body, reach and maintain your healthy weight naturally and finally feel at ease around food.

Let me help you ditch the diets and heal your relationship with food and body for good.

* Hi, I’m Sabine - The Mind Body Nutritionist and founder of the nutrition and wellness practice Be In Balance. I’m a degree-qualified holistic Nutritionist and in addition, certified in Hypnotherapy, %work-with-me#what-rtt|Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)%, and as Eating Psychology Health Coach. * I’m here to inspire you with a new way of living, free from those exhausting nutritional and emotional battles. I will help you love your body - and yourself -into vibrant health, with strategies, and methods that nourish and empower, rather than punish. * @teal@ Whether you want to lose weight and stay lean without dieting, overcome fatigue, boost your energy, decrease your stress levels, develop body-positivity or simply shift to a healthier lifestyle, together we’ll create a 'Mind Body Reset' path that’s right for you. *
Sabine Hach


You guided me step by step to make doable and sustainable changes to my diet and lifestyle with life-changing positive effects. I feel like a new woman and my friends and family can see it, too. I have dropped two dress sizes, feel highly energetic, look amazing and rejuvenated and simply love the fact that I was able to reclaim my full life. It feels entirely normal for me to choose healthy foods that I enjoy according to my hunger and at the right portion size. Thank you Sabine - the combination of nutrition and eating psychology has been priceless, and our personal connection was a special gift on top. Your encouragement and inspiration allowed me to stick to the changes and successfully reach my goals via my very own and personalized journey. I feel that you truly changed my life.

If you can’t wait any longer to make changes and to live your best life book your free non-obligatory discovery session today.