Sylvia Rands – actor, voice teacher
“Sabine has been my main massage therapist for several years now and I value every minute she spends working on me. She is a highly skilled practitioner with a great knowledge of and feel for the human body. In each massage session she is magnificently thorough and determinedly sets about ridding my body of the sometimes quite considerable pain I arrive in her charming therapy room with. Her style is a rigorous one and she works deeply into the body – but this is where the transformation lies. Flexibility returns, aches are massaged away, held emotions are released in a safe environment and one feels altogether a new person rising from her table.
Sabine is also offering kinesiology as part of her sessions. This is a totally painless, enlightening system for balancing energy using muscle testing as feedback tool and boy does it shift stuff! Sabine works with her usual calm and nurturing precision with this technique and her intuitive understanding of its power and application is great encouragement to continue to explore this exciting methodology.
I thoroughly recommend Sabine’s work; her massages and gentle balancing techniques truly refresh and heal.”

Claudia G.
“Sabine, you are an absolute gem. After experiencing months of pain in my lower leg and foot, I started to see Sabine and I honestly haven’t looked back since. After each session pain and discomfort were noticeably reduced and flexibility and free movement returned. Now, after only 6 sessions, I am feeling like a new woman, and can walk and exercise again without any restrictions. I am also feeling more relaxed in general and I am going to continue with maintenance sessions in the future to stay on top of my health. Sabine is a professional who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of her work, and I always know that my health and wellbeing is at the forefront of her service. I highly recommend her expertise and talent to anyone seeking a massage with amazing results – thank you Sabine!”

Aimee M.
“My first visit to Be In Balance was for a pregnancy massage. As an expectant mother I was a bundle of nerves but Sabine’s soothing and intuitive way quickly eased my concerns, and the massage was glorious! I have continued to go for massages as a new mum whenever I can manage a little indulgence and highly recommend Sabine to friends and family!”

Laura – new mother
“I had a whole body massage with Sabine and loved the pampering attention! It was great to have a massage with someone who understands motherhood and babies, and could work well with my post-natal body. Sabine’s attention to detail and care was first class. I would recommend her massages to other mums as she understands our need to be cared for as well!”

Jimi Dale – African drum and dance teacher, yoga/pilates instructor
“I loved Sabine’s massage style rigorous and strong getting out those knotty areas and leaving me feeling relaxed but invigorated. I will definitely be back.”

Verena S.
“I went to see Sabine for a “nice” massage as I had received them before, with different people…but what I experienced with Sabine’s service was really exceptional: Absolute professionalism and pure indulgence. I felt my muscular tension melting away and I really enjoyed the hot towels too, to finish it all off. I will certainly be back!”

Christoph M.
“I firmly believe in a holistic approach to health and life at large. The kinesiology balance, which I received from Sabine for a sporting injury in my right knee makes a very positive difference for me. My knee feels a lot better; I walk with more ease now, I feel more strength in my knee and I feel more self assured that I can deal with the healing process. Sabine’s knowledge about energy fields, lines and their blockages and to be able to consciously assist in the healing process with this awareness is a blessing.”

Dianne H. – administration, massage therapist
“I am a massage therapist and that was undoubtedly the best massage I have experienced.”

Dagmar A.- teacher, artist
“After experiencing Sabine’s massage I felt physically and emotionally incredibly energized and relaxed for some weeks. My body and mind felt balanced. I was pain free, especially related to my chronic back problems due to a car accident years ago. I will book in for another massage for sure.”

Dave M. – advertising agent
“[I experienced Sabine’s deep-tissue massage]…like a rebirth, feeling completely calm and relaxed afterwards.”

Annette N. – student nurse
“Sabine has given me wonderful, relaxing and thorough massages which have left me feeling stronger, more relaxed, and more pain-free. I feel like I am more balanced, stand straighter, and even more confident to go back into a stress-filled world.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sabine to anyone so she can share her gifts and skills.”

Suds Sutherland – teacher, massage therapist (deep tissue, hawaiian style) exercise and movement programmes facilitator
“I am a massage therapist with an extensive background in bodywork. Recently when in Auckland I had a two hour massage from Sabine. It was a fantastic massage mixing lighter and deeper work and released my body, which is often over worked and tight. I could still feel the benefits several days later…she certainly increased my mobility. She was professional, very thorough and sensitive. I often seek out massages with other therapists…most times I come away thinking that it was OK. With Sabine it was “that was awesome, she really knows what she is doing, she can read a body with her hands and I’ll be back for more of that.”

“As a new mum it was really nice to learn how to massage a baby and what to massage as I had no idea what and how to do it. Learning to massage my 3 month old bundle of joy has taught me how to learn his language and be more aware of my own feelings as he reflects my feelings. It was a small group which gave me reassurance and confidence of just being who I am and who my son is with out worrying about space, energy and so on. I recommend this workshop to all new mums.”

“I started the infant massage class with Sabine when my daughter was 12 weeks old. I looked forward to the classes each week and enjoyed spending special bonding time with Eva. It was lovely to learn how to massage her in a soothing way to make her feel good. And it was always so amazing to spend time just staring into each other’s eyes. Her attention and calmness during the massage always amazed me! I would recommend massage to other parents as a way to connect with little ones in the way they experience the world best – through loving touch.”

“I would highly recommend Sabine’s Infant Massage course to new mothers and fathers, to help parents feel more comfortable touching and interacting with their baby. We started the course when Everett was 9 weeks old. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the different massage strokes. The connection you make with your baby through massage is very meaningful and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to learn from Sabine.”

“Thanks heaps Sabine for this great infant massage course! Mason was 6 weeks when we started and 11 weeks when we finished. He enjoyed all of the different techniques and strokes from the start but got calmer and calmer whilst being massaged week by week. We now give him a full-body massage after his bath and he loves it. Once I turn on his lullabies on his musical toy and spread the oil between my hands, he knows what’s coming! It’s such a great way to bond with him and it makes him very sleepy – we love this little bedtime routine! Sabine did a great job in instructing us, provided a very relaxed atmosphere and guided us through each set of techniques. Overall I thought the course was very helpful and I am sure we will benefit greatly from it in the years to come.”

“The infant massage course was really great. Isabelle was 9 weeks when we started. I really enjoyed the relaxed environment & that each week we covered a new aspect of massage. It was also great having the notes to take home each week & the massage oil so we could practise! Thanks again.”

“My baby boy Felix began the IAIM Infant Massage Course at 6-weeks of age. Sabine brought a lovely calm, nourishing and friendly atmosphere to her classes encouraging us to be relaxed and not worry too much if our babies were having a meltdown in class and not wanting massages. I felt comfortable listening and watching while feeding or cuddling Felix, and when Felix was alert / calm we had lovely bonding times along with the other Mum’s and their babies – coo’ing and gorgeous bubbly baby sounds could be heard through-out the room.
Sabine gave us details notes with diagrams so not to forget the strokes. Her teachings on the doll were clear. Extra information to help support the massage were given also – she was very comprehensive with her knowledge. The room was set up nicely – warm, soft light, cushions. Felix loves his massages before his bath, I can see his eye’s light up when I ask ‘can Mummy give you a massage?’. Thanks & I will definitely recommend you!”