• Kinesiology
  • innerwise – a complete energy healing system


What is it?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive body-mind-soul modality that uses gentle but powerful healing techniques to improve your health, vitality, performance and overall wellbeing.

The principle of Kinesiology is to look at you from a holistic perspective – including all levels and aspects which make you “YOU”- and to assist you to find out what is important to you as you grow as an individual.

A fundamental premise of Kinesiology is that our body has natural inborn self-healing abilities and is always trying its best to keep you healthy and energised.

If the natural flow of energy in our body is interrupted or blocked, we are thrown into an energetic imbalance and self-healing abilities become impaired. This can influence your physical/structural, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing dramatically.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to communicate with the client’s body, and to identify the true root cause of a symptom.

It integrates Eastern and Western healing techniques and aims to restore uninterrupted energy flow and thus balance on all levels.

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What are the benefits?

Kinesiology has been helping people throughout the world for more than 40 years. Kinesiology has been consistently found to improve one’s sense of wellbeing.
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People of all ages who want to take responsibility for their own wellbeing can benefit from this holistic health support. It is also safe and suitable for children and babies.

Kinesiology can help you to:

  • release muscle tension
  • increase flexibility
  • improve your energy levels
  • with simple pain relief
  • improve your posture and breathing
  • relax your jaw muscles (which can assist migraine relief)
  • improve and maintain your overall health
  • improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • reduce mood swings and stabilise your emotions
  • manage stress effectively
  • improve your diet to meet your body’s unique needs
  • identify food allergies

What should I expect?

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to detect imbalances and stress in body systems. You may have heard the name Qi before which is how your body’s inert energy is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kinesiology aims to restore an uninterrupted flow of energy or Qi.

Muscle testing is used to monitor, to identify and correct energetic imbalances and restrictions in the body. These imbalances and restrictions can be identified on the body’s structural, biochemical, mental, emotional or energetic levels.

Energetic imbalances are often not accessible to the conscious mind but are the actual root cause for any personal problem, issue or block. Kinesiology seeks to identify where the energy flow got interrupted in the first place, hence where the healing needs to start.

Following the muscle testing assessment, corrections are made to encourage your body’s natural movement towards self-healing and balance. Energy balancing can support you to live up to your personal best and peak performance on all levels.

The initial balance session takes between 60-90 minutes. After discussing your concerns and goals, you you will then be taken through your session lying comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table.

The length of a balance session depends on the complexity of the problem you are seeking support for. Each person is different and while some people need only one session, you may find you require follow up sessions.

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innerwise – a complete energy healing system

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What is it?

Innerwise is a complete energy healing system with a strong focus on reconnecting with your own inner wisdom and the subconscious mind to allow for healing to happen.

Innerwise combines a range of existing healing methods such as conventional medicine, homoeopathy, psychology, spirituality and faith to create a healing system that addresses and helps resolve health symptoms and problems at the point where they began.

We use only a small fraction of our conscious mind for our daily decision making. Innerwise taps directly into the unconscious mind, helping to find the root cause for the symptoms you seek support for.

Innerwise uses the arm-length test, a physical feedback tool also used in kinesiology, for connecting with the subconscious mind to find imbalances and restrictions on all levels of the conscious and subconscious.

Appropriate healing frequencies which include e.g. the energies of Bach flower remedies, crystals, plants, animals, minerals, sounds, Schuessler tissue salts, homeopathic remedies and symbols are chosen during the session.

They allow for the self-regulation and self-healing to start and will support you to integrate the healing processes that have been initiated in the session.

What are the benefits?

It is widely acknowledged that overall health and wellbeing is dependent on a healthy mind-body system.

Innerwise can be useful for locating the cause of any lack of personal life energy (Qi) or ‘Flow’ in your body’s system which might be preventing you from living up to your personal best potential.

Subconscious patterns are frequently the underlying reason why people find it difficult to change.

When your mind knows the logical reasons and is convinced you should do something, yet you just don’t make the change, it could be that your subconscious patterns are holding you back from making the change.

If you feel trapped in a behavioural pattern, which is holding you back from making changes for the better, energy medicine can offer you great support in self-growth and healing.

What should I expect?

Your innerwise session will be held at Be In Balance where you can expect a friendly welcome, a safe environment and a relaxed atmosphere.

After discussing your reasons and concerns, you will be invited to lie back and relax, fully clothed on a massage table and be taken through your balance session.

The length of a balance session depends on the complexity of the problem you are seeking support for and a follow up session may be advisable if the balance cannot be completed during the initial appointment.

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