• Do you want to tackle your nutrition related health challenges, be healthier and look and feel your best?
  • Do you want to be able to trust your appetite, eat intuitively and manage your weight naturally?
  • Do you want to have freedom around food and a happy relationship with your body?
    Be inspired by a positive ‘no guilt’ approach to food and nourishment and learn a new way to nourish your whole self.

I work with clients who want to address concerns such as:

– weight
– binge eating, overeating, emotional eating
– body image challenges
– digestive issues
– fatigue
– mood
– immunity
– other nutrition related health challenges

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How is My Approach Different?

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet. We’ve been told that we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control. The majority of nutrition experts promote conflicting advice. The result is people are confused about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food and a healthy metabolism.

As a degree qualified nutritional scientist I learned in depth how the body works on the biochemical and physiological level. Thus I gained an understanding of what makes the body tick deep inside the cells and a solid scientific background for being a nutritionist.

In my training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating , I’ve learned to help clients reach their highest goals not by strategies that punish, but through strategies that nourish.

In my professional practice, I combine many of the best strategies from nutritional science, clinical and functional nutrition and eating psychology. I look to support you with coaching strategies and holistic nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield results.

By eliminating all the “shoulds and shouldn’ts”, I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style. When we work together in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become also opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

What is Eating Psychology Coaching?

Eating Psychology Coaching is an exciting and cutting edge approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating . It effectively addresses weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, and various nutrition related health concerns.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, my approach is positive and empowering. I don’t see your eating challenges merely as a sign that “something is wrong with you” – but as a place where we can more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food, weight and health.

Oftentimes, our eating challenges are connected to work, money, relationship, family, intimacy, life stress and so much more. By working on the places that are most relevant for you, success is more easily achieved.

What is Dynamic Eating Psychology?

Dynamic Eating Psychology is an important new field originated by Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating . It’s a positive, empowering and transformational approach that’s designed for anyone who eats.

Each of us has a unique, fascinating, and ever changing relationship with food. Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the primary importance of this relationship. It sees our challenges with eating, weight and health not as an indication that we’re broken, but as a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

Previously, eating psychology has been limited to those with clinical eating disorders. Dynamic Eating Psychology though, is for everyone. It affirms that our relationship with food has important lessons to teach us if we choose to listen.

Eating Psychology recognizes that our challenges with eating, weight and health are intimately connected to other primary life dimensions – relationship, family, work, sexuality, our search for meaning and fulfillment, and so much more. Dynamic Eating Psychology is a powerful breakthrough approach.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is about eating healthy whole food preferably organic and locally grown that provides the body with ample amounts of nutrients. It acknowledges that we are all biochemically unique and that there is no single way of eating that is perfect for everyone.

It supports the principle “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” as once stated by Hippocrates.

Holistic Nutrition looks at every individual with a “whole-person” approach. It does not stop with looking at the food itself but takes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of the eater into account, as well. Thus holistic nutrition steps beyond the pure application of dietetics and nutritional facts but includes all aspects that provide nourishment for the body, mind, heart and soul.

What is Mind-Body Nutrition?

Mind-Body Nutrition is an exciting and timely new field that advances the practice of clinical nutrition by exploring the psycho-physiology of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health.

Originated by Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating , it goes far beyond classical nutrition by focusing on the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behavior.

Simply put, what we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters.

Mind-Body Nutrition reveals how stress physiology, the relaxation response, breathing, awareness, pleasure, meal timing and much more profoundly influence digestion and calorie burning. And it offers practical and results-oriented strategies for the most commonly seen eating challenges and health issues of our times.

    Let me support and guide you to transform your nutrition related health challenges and your relationship with food and body for good.


Work with Me

Contact Sabine now to schedule your FREE discovery session.

After getting to know each other during your discovery session and agreeing that we are a good match for working together towards your goals we will schedule your Initial 90 minute Intake Session.

During your Intake Session we will spend time gathering important information about your current health and concerns, medical history, lifestyle, and goals and identify first steps for your unique journey towards greater health and wellness.

Creating lasting change around how you eat, think and live life is a process that takes time. Because I want to offer you all the support you need to achieve your long-term results I am offering different nutrition and eating psychology coaching packages where we will work together for a number of consecutive sessions.

Fee Structure:

Initial Session (90 minutes): $175
Initial Session (60 minutes): $120
Follow up 60 minutes: $95
Follow up 45 minutes: $80
Follow up 30 minutes: $60
Follow up 15 minutes: $40

3-month package: 6 x 60 minute sessions, every other week: $540 ($90 per session)
6-month package: 12 x 60 minute sessions, every other week: $960 ($80 per session)

It is also possible to book a combination of services as a package. Contact Sabine to find out more.