• Are you sick of struggling with digestive upset or other nutrition related health challenges?
  • Are you fed up with living in constant diet mentality or with unwanted eating habits?


  • Are you tired of coping with high stress levels, muscle tension and pain?
  • Are you done with feeling less than your best and struggling with low mood, anxiety or difficulties around your sleep?


You have come to the right place if you want to be healthier, look and feel great and know deep inside that there is a better way to eat and live life!

Be In Balance is a nutrition and wellness practice with a holistic “whole-person” approach to achieving a healthy body and a sense of overall well-being specialising in:



Positive change starts with a decision. Are you ready?

Why work with me?

Sabine Hach Be In Balance Auckland
Hi, I’m Sabine, owner at Be In Balance. I am a degree qualified nutritionist, a certified eating psychology health coach, a certified massage therapist and a kinesiology consultant.

Like so many people, I have had my own nutrition related health and food struggles.

    Because I have been there I know all too well, how much energy, joy and zest for life can disappear from a person’s life on a daily basis when our well-being is compromised and when we constantly struggle with our food or body.

Drawing from the experience of my own healing journey and as a professional in the field of nutrition and wellness for more than 20 years, I am passionate about helping you to overcome your health, food and body challenges, as well.

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Choose YOU today and get started on your personal journey to vibrant health, freedom with food and greater self-love.

You will benefit the most from working with me if you resonate with one (or all) of these statements:


  • You want to be healthier, nourish yourself with high quality whole foods and look and feel your best.
  • You want to be able to trust your appetite, manage your weight naturally and ditch ‘dieting’ for good.
  • You want to feel calm around food, have a happier relationship with your body and use your energy to live a vibrant life outside the invisible ‘food prison’.


Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coaching can help you reach your goals

Be inspired by a positive ‘no guilt’ approach to food and nourishment and learn a new way to nourish your whole self – from the inside out.

Call me today to arrange a FREE non-obligatory discovery session. 021 0271 4151

Holistic Health, Wellness and Stress

Experts estimate that in today’s world more than 90% of diseases are stress related.

Increased muscular pain and tension, anxiety, sleep issues or low mood are just some of the signs and symptoms often associated with stress.

Massage Therapy has proven to help reduce chronic stress levels in the body.

Massage can help you if one (or all) of the following statements sound like you:

massage in Auckland


  • You want to lower your stress levels naturally, feel more relaxed and reduce any muscle tension and pain in your body.
  • You want to improve your quality of sleep and your mood naturally.
  • You want to increase your energy levels and complete well-being in body, mind & soul.


Massage can assist you to feel healthier and happier in your whole body and being.

Book your wellness massage today and experience the difference taking care of yourself can make for yourself.